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Shock and Science – Joop


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It was a much-discussed performer beforehand, psychiatrist and trauma expert Bisel van der Kolk who was the last Zomergast of the year at VPRO. The decline was unprecedented Letter from three scientists in de Volkskrant Who spoke about the potentially disastrous consequences of what van der Kolk would say, and also something about public money that should not be spent on it.

The facts: Bessel van der Kolk is a world-famous man, especially because of his world bestselling book The Body Holds Score. He was born in the Netherlands, but has lived and worked in Boston for decades. He has decades of experience as a researcher and trauma therapist, which is a rare combination. Many scientists never see people in trauma and many therapists don’t study science. The gap is widening, and van der Kolk is one of the few people who may still be able to bridge it. The fact that he’s already approaching 80 isn’t a good sign: it’s urgent.

It was an interesting broadcast, with a lot of background information. The professionals had already known a lot, but as an education for the interested layman it was a great broadcast. Three more weeks To watch online.

Were unscientific statements made? You are back to zero. Is this guy dangerous? Watch for five minutes and you’ll know better.

What has not been discussed, and Van der Kolk may also have had little insight into the Dutch situation, is the way in which we in the Netherlands have organized assistance to people with traumatic experiences. All of this should be “evidence-based” from our health insurers, so the yoga, dance, and music he promoted aren’t compensated. The question is what the more than 500,000 viewers attracted by the broadcast are thinking. All are available, including in our country, therapeutic interventions that can work. You just have to know where to find them. And there’s a lot more that isn’t covered in the broadcast: ongoing therapy, EFT (smarttapping), and star-star family groups, for example. Should we join forces and innovate around an integrated approach to body and mind?

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