Shell Global Warming Provides AEX Support;  TomTom turns up into |  Financial issues

Shell Global Warming Provides AEX Support; TomTom turns up into | Financial issues

AEX posted a 0.2% profit of 710.2 points in the fourth quarter of this year. AMX is up 0.3% at 1,042 points.

In Europe, the CAC-40 compares in Paris at 0.4% compared to the German DAX and Britain’s FTSE, which are only slightly higher.

According to Rain Shot, an investment advisor at Noesis Capital Management, price consolidation is currently underway, with AEX still in sight from last week’s record high. “This afternoon, the main focus is on the performance of investment bank JP Morgan, which can give an indication of the extent to which the cheerful mood in recent months has been justified.” Additionally, he notes that tech funds in particular have recovered dramatically after being halted due to the so-called deflationary trade. “There may be more movement next week, among other things, the emergence of the important ASML fund results.”

The cryptocurrency platform Coinbase went public this afternoon. In the run-up to the listing, bitcoin rose 1.9% to $ 64,420, while dodgecoin, a Coinbase backed coin, was at $ 250 per share, but there are no new shares in the market.

Brent oil price is now 1.3% to $ 64.50 per barrel. OPEC and its partners see strong economic growth, especially after the summer, which increased oil demand by 6.6%.

In the main funds Just eat takeaway Another 1.3% after rising the day before after enthusiastically receiving results.

For the Technology Fund Positives Investors have 1% more left. Shell RD It also joins the contestants with a share of over 0.8% thanks to improved oil prices.

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Steel maker ArcelorMittal (-0.2%) gets a targeted price increase from Jefferies, from 28 € to 34 €. The investment bank sees shrinking stocks and increasing demand for steel as competitors lag behind. Also, the shortage in the entire market will not abate in the near future.

It stands with the losers Phillips At a loss of 0.7%. Telecom company KPN Lose 0.5%. Shares in Ahold Delhaize fell 0.2 percent. Schutte confirms that Ahold is holding a meeting of its shareholders online today, which is coming under pressure this week.

The Galapagos Islands are powerful

Medcaber KLM Air France The shrinkage continues, back to another 1.3%.

Galapagos Great benefit can be counted with a price jump 5.5% thanks to one Increase advice from Barclays Bank. Earlier this week, US partner Gilead indicated that it wanted to maintain its interest in the biotech company for a long time to come.

ABN Amro 0.8% wins. The banking group is again selling a large loan portfolio to the trade and commodity finance division, which are loans to entrepreneurs in the sector.

The bank received a targeted increase from Kepler Chevreux Kepler, from € 15.40 to € 15.90. The buy recommendation remains. The negative interest that ABN Amro will provide from July 1 for amounts in excess of € 150,000 will have a positive impact on income until the end of 2022.

Stainless steel maker Aperam (-0.3%) receives slight increase in target price with ‘hold’ advice, also due to market tightness.

It works with small hats Tom Tom Loss and Gains by 0.9% in response to weaker profits in new quarterly numbers than previously expected. “Mainly it’s the cost savings,” says Robbert Manders of IG broker.

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