She had to give up her favorite hobby

More concerns about Queen Elizabeth:

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More concerns about Queen Elizabeth: ‘She had to give up her favorite pastime’

One by one, discoveries about the health of the 95-year-old queen are emerging.

Queen Elizabeth is so inseparable from her horses that even at 95 she still enjoyed running around Windsor. Now that she has had to give up this hobby for health reasons, the British are even more worried. how is he her Majesty?

Doctor’s advice

Queen Elizabeth’s vitality stirs things up in the UK. Although the Queen seemed enthusiastic about her recent public activities, the doctor’s advice that was still leaking suggested that something was already going on. Initially Her Majesty was seen carrying a walking stick, then her doctor’s advice was said to cut out the daily martini, cancel a trip to Ireland and stay in hospital overnight. The Queen also announced that she will not be with from COP26 Next weekend could be the big climate conference where all heads of state and world leaders gather. A palace source says Elizabeth has not been able to ride a horse for a while.

“She’ll be back on the horse again soon.”

“The Queen regrets not being able to ride a single horse of hers… Favorite HobbiesBut she is keeping her calm and taking the necessary precautions to get her back in full fitness.” woman. “She’s determined to get back on her horse ASAP and doesn’t feel like her riding days are over now.”

The Queen and her knight Terry Pendry on horseback, February 2020. Photo: BrunoPress

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The Queen and her knight Terry Pendry on horseback, February 2020. Photo: BrunoPress

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Other sources in the palace say that the Queen is now taking an extra break to provide strength for the day of November 14 National Memorial Day. “This is the most important day on her schedule, she wants to get back in shape completely.”

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But what if it was “just” to rest after a rough period or whether the Queen had more among the members? Perhaps the palace will never give up on exactly what is going on with Her Majesty and always give a rosy version of the truth. Royal expert Joe de Porter sums it up: “The Queen is in good health. Until she dies.” latest news. “You can expect something to happen, because canceling activities is really the last thing the Queen you will do. On the other hand, photos have already appeared where she is back in action, albeit with a walking stick. However, it is about the health of a very elderly woman. ”

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