Sharon weighed in on US abortion laws: 'It touches me'

Sharon weighed in on US abortion laws: ‘It touches me’

On the show, Sharon talks about the lyrics to her new song Don’t Pray For Me. Who is she talking to when she sings this song? “People who really think they want the best for you, but are very stubborn,” says Sharon. “Knowing better than other people gives me the creeps. I don’t think they can put themselves in someone else’s shoes.”

Abortion Act

Was there a particular reason Sharon wrote this song? “There’s a lot going on in the world. Abortion laws, Russia invading Ukraine. We’ll do it in music,” he says. “I’m not pro-abortion, but definitely not anti-abortion. People have to decide for themselves. Things like this are very life-defining. If someone does this, someone would have thought about it very carefully.”

‘I’m angry. It really touches me’

“I’m angry. It really touches me,” Sharon says of abortion laws in the United States. In late June, the US Supreme Court overturned earlier rulings that had upheld the right to abortion. It puts abortion law back in the hands of the states. “I know people around me who have had abortions. They all thought it was a very bad thing to do, and all had good reasons for it.” So news from America affects her a lot. “I couldn’t reach it with my head and my heart. That’s why I wrote it,” he says.

Listen to the full conversation below:

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