Shakira refuses to settle with Spanish justice |  stars

Shakira refuses to settle with Spanish justice | stars

The Spanish tax authorities have already offered a settlement, but Shakira does not pay a single cent. According to prosecutors, the rich singer who has a network of at least fourteen companies hid income from the Spanish tax authorities. She is said to have spent more than half of each year in Spain during the years 2012-2014. Shakira’s lawyers say that she lived in the Bahamas and moved to Spain only in 2015. Since 2011, she has been in a relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, who is from Barcelona and plays for FC Barcelona. They have two children. According to prosecutors, Shakira bought a house in the Bahamas, but did not spend a day there in the 2012-2014 tax years.

Shakira’s relationship with Pique recently broke down and the tax issue is no longer Shakira’s only legal issue in Spain. She is currently working on a divorce. Both indicated that they wanted to settle this on good terms in favor of the children, as far as possible without publicity. According to Spanish media, Shakira wants, among other things, custody of the children and moving to Miami with the offspring. She would then bear all the costs of raising the children and pay her ex-husband at least five round-trip first-class flights to Miami annually.

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