Sexual transgender is not welcome in women's swimming: "A very great advantage"

Sexual transgender is not welcome in women’s swimming: “A very great advantage”

A clear statement from FINA. I have set strict rules for the participation of transgender people in women’s competitions. Only boys who have completed their transition to childhood before their twelfth birthday are allowed to participate in the Women’s Contest. There has been debate in sports for some time whether trans women should be allowed to participate in competitions for women.

This is the way in which the sexual convertible is Laurel Hopard Selected for the New Zealand women’s weightlifting team في أولمبياد طوكيو. Hobard, 43, competed for the first time in men’s competitions until she changed her gender in 2013. She was the first transgender to compete in games. Although its testosterone levels were less than the required threshold, critics were convinced that they had all kinds of physical benefits.

Controversy also surfaced last year after transgender people took part in female martial arts. Alana McLeulin was a soldier in the US Army. After moving to a female, she entered the mixed women’s combat art competition. in Just over 3 minutes later she defeated her opponent

The swimming union says that the transgender has a very large feature

The topic was widely discussed during the Vienna Conference in Budapest, where the world swimming championships are held. Looks like he won an American women’s student competition Written by American trans Leah Thomas

More than 71 percent of swimming associations in attendance voted in favor of the new rules regarding the participation of transgender people, who are therefore no longer allowed to participate in women’s competitions. In setting the new rules, the FINA FINA enlisted the help of experts in the medical and legal field.

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FINA also engaged scholars in drafting the new rules. According to them, boys who do not move beyond puberty have a disproportionate advantage if they join women. Not everyone agrees. For example, Esther Rurda broke a spear for women transformed in her column to subway† and trans women also wrote.

A third category for swimmers in addition to men and women’s competitions?

FINA has a working group investigating whether it is possible to create a so-called open category for transgender people. Hussein Al -Muslim, President of the International Football Association (Vienna), said: “We need to protect the rights of our athletes, but also the fairness of our competitions, especially women’s competitions.”

“The International Mathematical Union is always open to every athlete. Setting up an open class means that everyone has a chance to compete at an elite level. This has never happened before, FINA has to lead the way. I want all athletes to feel that they can work on ideas during the process.”

The men come out in anger after asking if the other guy is handsome: “Tell me please”

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Sexual transgender is not welcome in women’s swimming: “A very great advantage”

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