Sexual misconduct in The Voice of Holland: More details and consequences known

Sexual misconduct in The Voice of Holland: More details and consequences known

1. What is going on?

Holland sound pause Because of the alleged infringing sexual behavior of some employees. Tim Hoffman’s BNNVARA BOOS came up with these allegations. An episode of BNN-VARA BOOS will be online on Thursday, where the allegations against the employees are discussed.

RTL and producer ITV, the company that makes The Voice, say they knew nothing of sexual misconduct. But they found the allegations so serious and shocking that it was decided to open an independent investigation, and even then The Voice not broadcast. The Voice Senior and The Voice kids are also unidentified Take off the tube.

2. Who is he?

The Voice’s leader, Jeroen Rietbergen, has admitted allegations of sexual misconduct be honest with him. he got up. He stated that he had relationships of a “sexual nature” with women who participate in Voice of the Netherlands Radio.

Linda de Mol announced on Monday that she has cut ties with Rietbergen and will stop working for the time being. The situation was described as a ‘A terrible nightmare’. Linda’s cousin, Johnny de Mol, mentioned Rittbergen on his talk show HLF8 “Unbelievable bastard”. Television producer John de Mol, creator of The Voice, (and Linda’s brother and Johnny’s father) has yet to respond.

It’s not just about Rietbergen. A complaint was filed against coach Ali B at the beginning of last week, by a former participant in The Voice. The Public Prosecution Office will soon decide whether to conduct an investigation. Ali B does not recognize himself in the accusation. His administration said: “Ali did not abuse his position and never acted sexually inconsistent.”

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The employee(s) involved have not been announced.

3. How do previous participants react?

Two of the former nominees joined the BEAU talk show on Monday night, who painted a picture of how he went behind the scenes on The Voice. He told Ninke Wijnhoven, who reached the final in 2018, how charming band leader Jeroen Rittbergen was, but also how he always went one step further.

“There was a case where he said there were all the studios upstairs and I could see it.” When they were upstairs “He would feel”Wigenhoven said. In the clip below you can see that she got emotional when she talked about it.

Kirsten Berkx was also a guest at BEAU, and participated in the show in 2017. When she walked down the hall in some sort of “pajama” after rehearsal, she received an upsetting note from Rietbergen. “What sexy pants are you wearing?” he said.

The two women did not dare to say anything about his behavior at that time. For example, because they blamed themselves, but also because they signed a wonderful contract to participate in The Voice. “You signed a contract where you no longer knew what God was saying,” Wiggenhoven said.

4. What is the reaction of presenters and trainers?

Anouk, one of The Voice’s coaches, appeared this weekend in the video known to stop. She calls the program a “corrupt gang”.

Presenter Chantal Janzin said before Not a good word to say For parties and people who have known allegations of sexual misconduct on The Voice for years. Presenter Martin Krabi also said he was “completely surprised” and “shocked” by the news.

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Coach Manager Waylon Reply with message At least this is not about him. “It’s very sad. We didn’t know anything about him and didn’t get a call from Tim, probably because we had nothing to do with this.”

Glenys Grace, who has just joined the program as a coach, said through her manager that she was “in shock.”

5. What are the consequences of the TV programme?

The program consists of 15 episodes in total. Of these, 12 have been recorded and 2 have already been broadcast. The last 3 will be broadcast live. These taped episodes remain – at least for now – on the shelf.

Program sponsors withdraw. This weekend, T-Mobile and Lidl already said they would be discontinuing. On Monday, Isla Pastilles and Renault were added.

6. What next?

The first step is to conduct an independent investigation into what exactly happened. ITV, producer of The Voice of Holland, issued a press release calling for victims of inappropriate behavior and witnesses to report. ITV pledges that the information will go directly to Van Doorne’s attorneys, who are conducting the investigation.

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