“Sex doesn't have to be a problem on Valentine's Day” - Dagblad Suriname

“Sex doesn’t have to be a problem on Valentine’s Day” – Dagblad Suriname

“Sex doesn’t have to be a problem on Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to have sex because it’s Valentine’s Day, but if you decide to be intimate with someone anyway then go for safe sex. With a condom.” This is the advice Dr. John Soritan gives to everyone who wants to make Valentine’s Day special, especially young people.

Sewratan believes that Valentine not only aims to spoil the partner with whom you have a romantic relationship, but also sees it as a day of caring for every person you care about: father, mother, brother, sister etc. Young people who are planning to give their relationship an extra dimension are advised to carefully consider everything. “Young people are not meant to make promises to each other with the sole intention of having sex, whether it is safe or not. We have to be aware of what we want. And I certainly wouldn’t advise young people to have unprotected sex on Valentine’s Day, because you can never know what It will happen. You will generate souls that you will not be able to expel afterwards. “

Unsafe sex can increase the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. But the risk of contracting an STD is also increasing. Swaratan notes that some people think that they are completely safe without penetration, but there are diseases that can also be transmitted without penetration. “I think about oral sex, for example, you can also get sick, and you can also get a sexually transmitted disease this way, although that might be limited to the mouth and throat, but you can also get it. The safest thing about sex, this is Not sex, this is the safest. But just a finger with your hand can also be unsafe, especially if your partner has some kind of disease and you have a wound on your finger, or a wound to the mouth, lips, etc., ”he explains the risks.

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Siuratan says that having sex without a condom is possible, but then you have to get to know your partner well. “If you have one stable partner, that is of course much better, but then you really need to get to know your partner very well. As long as you are not in a“ real ”relationship yet, the family planning relationship, you will have to do some tests often to see if You have HIV or another type of STD. Because we are all talking about one partner, but you can never know what is on the mind of the other partner and what they did. This applies to both men and women. One partner is always recommended. And it’s the best, but then you really have to get to know your partner really well. And if you know him well, you can have sex without a condom. “

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