Pérez hoopt op meer races in Zuid-Amerika: "Zou graag in Colombia of Argentinië racen"

Sergio Perez wants more races in South America: “I’d love to race in Colombia or Argentina”

Sergio Perez enjoys racing in Latin America and hopes to see more Grands Prix held in the region in the future. At this time, the Royal Class only goes to Mexico and Brazil.

Formula 1 has a worldwide interest in the sport. Various countries have thrown themselves into being part of the global tour known as Formula 1. South Africa is flirting with the idea of ​​a return to the Grand Prix, but Colombia would also be interested in hosting a tournament. In the past, Formula 1 has also traveled to Argentina, but it is not known if the country plans to participate in the premier class again.

Latin America

“I can’t imagine what racing is like in your country. I feel a great commitment and I want to race in Colombia or Argentina. I want to visit many countries and bring Formula 1 there.” This is how the four-time Grand Prix winner expresses his will. In his booklet, South America is a continent where there is still much to gain. “I want to go to other parts of the Americas,” Perez said.

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Various promoters are in talks with Formula 1 management. For example, the Grand Prix of the Caribbean should be on the calendar within a few years and the Colombian city of Barranquilla should be the battleground.

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