SER.  Diversity Day

SER. Diversity Day

On the initiative of the Social and Economic Council (SER), Diversity Day will be organized on October 5 this year. SER President Mariette Hammer kicks off the webinar “Diversity at the Top: What are we waiting for?” This is followed by an online lecture titled “What Male Leaders Should Know About the Female Brain”, targeting male leaders in companies and organizations. In this course, new insights from science are linked to practice work. Within an hour, experts Prof. Iris Sommer and Dr Frenelle Stadelmayer will translate scientific insights into the performance of men’s and women’s brains into what it means in the workplace.

“Because men and women have different minds, men and women experience different things at work and in their lives. They think differently and act differently. This means that when you use those differences as a force, you do the best.” says author and career coach Vréneli Stadelmaier.

According to the online lecture organizer, SheConsult Training and Coaching Agency, which specializes in highly educated women, male managers are still ignorant of these differences, leaving a lot of potential for women. “How do you get the most out of your team, your team members? By understanding how they are put together, how they think and how they work. Because only then can you really control and influence. Then it helps to be aware of the differences between men and women, and to understand how the brain works differently. And how this results in different challenges in the workplace. Better understanding the differences and managing them accordingly can lead to more happiness at work for women. This in turn can prevent the outflow of women (a big problem in many companies),” says Frenley. stadelmeyer

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Professor Dr. Dr. Iris Sommer is Professor of Psychiatry and author of The Woman’s Brain and speaking from a scientific perspective, Dr. Frenely Stadelmeyer is founder of SheConsult and author of, among others, the book directed to women; “F*ck die Uncertainty” and will present her perspective on gender differences in practice based on her many years of experience as a professional trainer for highly educated women

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