Senate on the edge of # 67 |  PNR News Radio

Senate on the edge of # 67 | PNR News Radio

Checks can be sent through: President Biden’s Corona Assistance Package through Congress. The president’s first political victory. But the gift of beauty is not unworthy of it, he agrees. Not a single Republican voted in favor of the plan. Is that the maximum he can get out of it?

Senate on the edge of # 67

Meanwhile, Democrats are once again discussing the removal of Philipster. Bernard reiterates this complex rule, which was a real battle: Speak until you give up.

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How did the US respond to the ‘interview’? John noticed that the United States on the right had undoubtedly taken the side of the crown. In the back trees of Virginia, he even saw a pickup truck with Trump stickers, and … a picture of the Queen! Why are these patriotic Americans now on the side of the old enemy?

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