Seeking RIVM: With or without vaccination just like lung complaints

Seeking RIVM: With or without vaccination just like lung complaints

According to a study by RIVM, What do you write about Trouw?† The chance of complaints remaining after infection is high, both for vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Nearly 9,200 Dutch people who tested positive for GGD completed a questionnaire three months later. 1,600 participants were not vaccinated, while the rest received one or more injections.

There were fewer people in the vaccinated group who lost their sense of smell and taste, but other long-term complaints were common in both groups. Nearly half of the studied group still had one or more complaints after three months. Fatigue was the most frequently mentioned.

different results

The comparison can only be made for people under 65, because people over 65 were already largely vaccinated at the start of the study. The study was conducted when alpha and delta variables were dominant. Little is known about the consequences of the omicron variant on COVID-19 lung.

Trouw writes that the results are kept by the Royal Red Cross. International studies have shown different results about the effectiveness of vaccination against the symptoms of lung COVID-19. The researchers say more research is needed.

In addition, the control group (people who did not become infected) also included several people who had complaints related to lung COVID-19. The group with complaints was twice as large among the affected subjects.

Benny (51) is one of those diagnosed with COVID-19 lung disease. Explains the problems this causes:

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