Sea Liberation: Why the North Sea Should Be Granted Rights

Sea Liberation: Why the North Sea Should Be Granted Rights

How do we make the North Sea a legal person? A sea has its own rights, so health and well-being must be respected. In the collection of articles titled “The Voice of the North Sea,” attorney and writer Laura Burgers gives Al-Bahr a voice that has its rights. Tell about her focus.

Liberation of the Sea: the North Sea as a legal entity

It may sound a little strange, as it fits into a large pool of water. But beware of what you think is strange: once people also think that it is absurd for slaves and women to be granted rights, it is inconceivable that the fetus has rights, or companies and universities. Now they all have rights, and thankfully.

Nature has no rights when something happens to her

Moreover, it would not be the first time that rights to a piece of nature have been granted. In other countries, forests and rivers already have their own rights, which they can actually enforce before a judge through a representative. “It started in 2008,” said Laura Burgers. Then Ecuador incorporated into the constitution that “pachamama” (Mother Earth) has the right to fully respect its existence because it is the basis of all life. “

Bolivia followed a law with the rights of Mother Nature, and there are now around 400 initiatives worldwide in which nature’s rights have been shaped in one way or another. The Whanganui River in New Zealand also attained legal entity status in 2017 thanks to decades of efforts by Maori tribes. W.Why is not the North Sea?

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Often this legal status of nature has two kinds of consequences. “My work has a nature or a river [zonder zo’n status] No rights if I get hurt. So they cannot go to court to prove their point. “In such a case this is possible – of course, through an intermediary.

But there is also a symbolic conclusion: “The [gebrek aan rechten voor de natuur] It reflects an idea that has been around since the Enlightenment, that is, that there is some kind of division between the human world and the natural world. I think the split is outdated. In this age, called the Anthropocene – the age of man that you see as indefensible – you clearly see that our actions have an impact on nature. We thought we could conquer nature and use it to our advantage. But this is not an idea that can be defended, and it will return as a kind of recoil. “

The collection of articles written by Laura Berger, Eva Myers and Evan Nowak, titled “The Sound of the North Sea,” was on Long list For the Socrates Cup, the award for the most compelling, original and exciting philosophy book of the year.

Another problem with the Anthropocene: The seas of the world are full of tiny plastic particles, plastic soup. How can plastic become an environmental problem? NPO knowledge He explains that.

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