Scion of the Huijsmans water polo family from Sint-Michielsgestel: “I have to become a stable keeper” |  regional sports

Scion of the Huijsmans water polo family from Sint-Michielsgestel: “I have to become a stable keeper” | regional sports

His grandfather was a water polo goalkeeper and stunned Ted Huijsmans (24) from Sint-Michelgeistel in a big way. Now he is on his way to becoming the permanent goalkeeper for the Orange team himself.

Ted Hugsmans is no stranger. His grandfather, the ranger, was his example. Grandma also played polo, as did father, mother – who met at the pool – and aunt. Two of his nieces play water polo in America, the country of his birth before his family moved back to Brabant. Playing at a lower level, brother and sister play in Eredivisionist ZV De Zaan and in Orange.

“When I could walk, I already went to my father’s competitions, and I was also allowed to enter the water when swimming in and out of the water,” says Huijsmans, who, as a young father, is already warming up the fourth generation for the sport. I have a three year old daughter who recently joined us. She absolutely loves water, haha.”

Professor Kamel

Huijsmans is a full professional, running the association’s national program in Zeist as well as three training sessions a week at his club in Zaandam. “It was hard to find a balance in the beginning,” admits the 24-year-old Gestelnar. She rehearses late nights, short nights when she was little. There is no place to study, and it is difficult to combine sports at a high level. I train every day to get better.”

The dream he had since childhood of going abroad was certainly not put aside. “I think that would be very nice. But my daughter is going to school next year. Taking her with you is difficult and I don’t want to miss her for so long either. It makes her a puzzle. If I receive an offer, it will not be an automatic refusal. However, a lot of things have to be met.” Preconditions, my daughter is first,” says Huijsmans, who started in SWNZ youth at Schijndel and ended up at PSV via Udense Zeester-Kat.

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Ted Huijsmans tackled ZV De Zaan. © René Manders / DCI Media

In Eindhoven, he won 4-16 against his old club earlier this month. Sebastian Brandes, his rival at the time for the spot in goal, is now the coach there. I know a lot of players from PSV. said Huijsmans, who, after Schuurman-BZC from Borculo and AZC from Alphen aan de Rijn, is now playing for the fourth season with ZV De Zaan, who are currently fourth in the Premier League.

Enter to get prizes

North Holland played for the first time in a European club competition this season. Huijsmans says, “We’ve shown that we can play water polo for adults, which is nice to see.” “We can compete in the Netherlands for all the trophies, we also express this ambition. In Andreas Miralles we have a coach from whom I can learn a lot. He explains everything very well.”


I have to become a stable goalkeeper, on whom the team can rely

Ted Huijsmans (24), water polo player from Sint-Michielsgestel

Blessed with a strong reaction ability, Hugsmans chose the European Championship twice. each time as second goalkeeper behind Elko Wagnar, who has since retired from the Dutch national team. “It is now up to me to show that I am ready to be the first goalkeeper. I have to become a stable goalkeeper, that the team can count on. There is potential in this Orange, but we have to perform at the moment of truth,” said Huijsmans. In June we will play the European Qualifiers If we don’t qualify for the World Cup in that European tournament, we can no longer qualify for the Olympic Games. And that’s the ultimate goal.”

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