Science Weekend: 5G in Hoogezand

Science Weekend: 5G in Hoogezand

Robots, self-driving transportation, drones, and smart devices: everyone is welcome to dive into the future on Saturday, October 2 at Hoogezand! During the General Day “Make 5G Business” the possibilities and opportunities of 5G, the latest generation of mobile communications will be showcased.

5G makes very fast mobile internet possible. The event is part of National Science Weekend. The public day in Hoogezand is organized by 5Groningen, an initiative of the Groningen Economic Council, in collaboration with partners, including Hanze University Groningen. Entrepreneurs and organizations from the region are demonstrating their applications with 5G, and there are presentations and workshops for young and old. The public day will take place from 1 pm to 5 pm in and around Het Kielzog (Gorecht East 157) in Hoogezand. Everyone is welcome and entry is free.

All 10 5Groningen partners will attend and make a substantive contribution during the public day on October 2nd: KPN, Communications Agency, VodafoneZiggo, TNO, Huawei Netherlands, University of Groningen, SURF, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, VMware, Dell Technologies.

Presentations, demos and workshops

Entrepreneurs and organizations give presentations on the applications of agriculture, healthcare, traffic, and everyday life. Learn more about 5G, antennas and robotics, wear VR glasses, sit in a self-driving bus and enjoy the taxi drone and smart safety vest for police officers.

Program for children and youth

Children and young people from 6 to 14 years old can constantly participate in recreational activities from, among others, Biblionet Groningen, Antennebureau and Agentschap Telecom. For example, they can program a robot, create something beautiful in 3D, build an antenna, look at a measurement vector and learn more about smart devices.

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Of course the aura metrics applied at the time are respected. For more information about the programme, visit

Hans University Groningen

Of course there is also a pavilion where the projects of the Hans University of Applied Sciences Groningen are demonstrated. For example, there is a demonstration of the smart safety jacket and the student company Croptimise will be present with the smart potato. Lecturer researcher Jos Bredek gives an introductory lecture on 5G. Lucia Marthas dancers will make a dazzling opening.

About 5Groningen

5Groningen is a testing ground for 5G internet in the province of Groningen. Entrepreneurs and nonprofits work with experts to test 5G applications. Think self-driving buses or analyze real-time data as a drone flies over fields. 5Groningen is testing applications with 5G. So not the technology, but what you can do with it. The Economic Council in Groningen launched the 5Groningen program to investigate how to accelerate 5G and create new innovations. An important goal is to make Groningen SMEs a leader in their sector with the help of 5G. 5Groningen has 10 partners, mentioned above. Furthermore, 5Groningen is working with ESA, the European Space Agency in Noordwijk. There is cooperation on pilot projects in which 5G and satellite services are combined.

“During the public day, we would like to show the opportunities and possibilities that the 5G network brings to the region. In Hoogezand, residents of Groningen can see and experience this for themselves”, says Peter Reich, 5Groningen Program Manager at the Economic Council in Groningen.

Science Weekend

“Make work of 5G” is part of the National Science Weekend on 2 and 3 October 2021. This is a weekend where everyone everywhere in the Netherlands can take a look behind the scenes of various organizations and institutions in the field of science and technology. Science Weekend is the free festival for young and old with scientists, experiments and a unique look into the future.

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