Science: The app helps COPD patients take the necessary measures if the disease gets worse

Copilot can help people with COPD recognize exacerbations early and take the right actions at the right time. This is evidenced by the doctoral research of nurse and nursing scientist Yvonne Kurberchuk.

Healthcare providers were able to do well with the app and found it acceptable to use. The app offers patients insight into their normal complaints, when there is an exacerbation and what actions they can take. The advice (for example about consulting a healthcare provider) is based on a personal action plan.

Improve self-management

The idea is that patients can finally improve their self-management skills with the help of the app. A sub-study of PhD Research at Korpershoek showed that only 15% of COPD patients had sufficient knowledge, skills, and confidence to be able to properly manage the condition.

Benefits of health care providers

Korpershoek introduced the Copilot app to 14 caregivers, 8 of whom are nurses. Caregivers saw potential benefits in that the app provides insight into a patient’s symptoms, more structured conversations with the patient and personalized self-management support.

Especially for nurses

The caregivers found that customizing the application and assessing the symptoms indicated in the application was particularly convenient for the nurses’ work. The next step is to evaluate the application over a longer period of time in a group of patients.

Yvonne Kurberchuk. Supporting self-management using mHealth in patients with COPD. From promise to proof. PhD thesis, Utrecht University, March 2021

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