Science: Stonehenge has become a baffle

Science: Stonehenge has become a baffle

Science: An amazing building that is more mind-boggling than ever – and this is now known about Stonehenge

These are the 5 greatest myths in archeology

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Most Germans associate something mystical with Stonehenge. to me Science The place is something special.

We will own Scientist I gained new knowledge about Stonehenge’s supernatural structure.

Science: Building miracles is getting more and more confusing

There are many myths surrounding the Stonehenge structure. The Science Trying to clarify this. It looks like they still have a lot to do there. Because you have it now Scientist She gained knowledge that made Stonehenge even more mysterious.

On Stonehenge:

So it is possible that the Stone Age monument had existed elsewhere for several centuries before it was erected near Amsbury, England.

Science: Did Stonhenge Use A Different Website?

There is no doubt that the massive boulders known as Stonehenge’s megaliths come from a quarry in southwest Wales. In any case, the so-called blue stones were transported about 225 kilometers in flight of the crow.

More scientific news:

According to scientists, traces have now been discovered near the quarry pointing to a facility similar to that found in the English county of Wiltshire about 5,000 years ago. However, the stones have been removed here.

The trench that once surrounded the Stonehenge of Waun Mawn is 110 meters long and perfectly matches the radius of the trench at Stonehenge. Both circles correspond to the sunrise during the summer solstice.

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Science: Researchers are making new discoveries

Archaeologists have now discovered a number of pre-holes in the Welsh facility that are exactly identical to Stonehenge megaliths – in one case even “like a key in a keyhole,” one scientist said.

Data from the quarry also shows that Stonehenge was shattered centuries before the world-famous monument was built – around the same time that the Waon Maun Stone Circle was built.

Geologist Herbert Thomas suspected about 100 years ago that Stonehenge’s megaliths were part of a former sanctuary in Wales. Now this theory appears to have been confirmed. “I’ve been searching Stonehenge for 20 years, and it’s really the most exciting thing we’ve ever discovered,” said Mike Parker Pearson – the study’s lead archaeologist – of University College London. But one thing remains for sure: The mysteries surrounding Stonehenge have not diminished – nor has it been said to work for science. (GB with dpa)

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