De wetenschap onderscheidt vier soorten koppels. Tot welke categorie behoor jij?

Science distinguishes four types of couples. What category do you belong to?

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Well, depending on researchers, including Brian Ogolsky, from the University of Illinois in the US, you can divide pairs into four types. To reach this conclusion, they surveyed 376 unmarried couples between the ages of 25 and 29. Based on that data, they came up with four categories.

Drama Couple (Drama Team)

These pairs face many ups and downs. They are often impulsive and make (very) quick choices based on positive and negative events in their life or relationship. Loyalty is not always a fixed value.

Conflict Couple (Buyers)

These pairs also have their ups and downs, but they don’t necessarily lead to hasty decisions. In this case, a quarrel can provide additional passion and bring them closer to each other. This is not necessarily sustainable in the long term.

Socially Engaged Couple (Social Villains)

We all know a couple who are part of a larger group of friends – they were often friends too before the relationship started. These friendships provide a strong foundation, because couples in this situation think better about the choices they make and the impact they have on the rest of their lives.

Couple Focusing On Partner (posters)

When a couple is very close to each other, we quickly classify them as sticky. However, according to scientists, this is the category with the best chance of success. By taking each other into account and discussing everything – even the least pleasant things – these couples are constantly working with each other and with each other.

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