Samsung: We’ll continue to use Tizen with our TVs – picture and sound – news

I bought a new TV 2 years ago and bought it in a store. Just one reason, not to repeat my bad internet purchase of my Philips from 2012.
This TV had great reviews. But for reasons incomprehensible to me, there is hardly any interest in the speed of the TV menu. And that Phillips, she cheered when he collapsed. We wanted him to be kicked out of the window on a regular basis.

Me to the store: Which TV runs most smoothly in the apps and menu? Well sir Samsung.

Oh, and which Sony with good photo reviews? Nice picture, but not too slow to harden.

I play with a father in the store. What a relief Tizen is compared to the old Philips and Android TV models that were out there.

So I’m a fan of Tizen, yeah. Although I feel more relaxed than I find something special about it in and of itself.

Meanwhile, I also ‘mistakenly’ own a Philips Android device from 2019. I have to say, nothing wrong with that, everything is acceptable in terms of menu and startup speeds.

I’d like to see a benchmark for TV OS. For example:
– Number of seconds from standby to normal TV picture
– Start with the first 10 channels of the Ziggo CI Slot
TV Watching Time from 20% to 10%
– The time from standby to Netflix and the first possible download option.

I find the speed of the menu has been seriously underestimated in many of the reviews. While for an instrument with such a central place in the house it is necessary that not only the design and the picture are good. But the basic functions also work without frustration.

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