Samsung shows Galaxy A03 smartphone of the cheapest category – Tablets and phones – News

It’s not that bad, just last week after upgrading Android 12 on my S21 I did a factory reset and during setup I got asked to install a bunch of bloatware but I can skip it.
Other applications are system applications. Now you can debate whether the mail, calendar and browser app should be included on the phone, but I don’t know of any phone maker that doesn’t.
After it finished, I found Facebook and Netflix, and was able to delete Facebook immediately (without turning it off). And Netflix has to include some DRM for better picture quality, so I can live with that, also because I’m using it.
Staying around the Galaxy Store next to the Play Store on the device, is kind of weak.
Of course you can go ahead and remove components using ADB on the OS.

If you choose Xiaomi, Oppo or another Chinese brand, you have at least the same, if not more junk. My previous Oneplus had the Facebook framework as a system app, it shouldn’t be removed in a normal way.

You can go for the Pixel, but it’s full of Google or iPhone junk, but it’s full of Apple or Motorola crap, which are probably the least contaminated.

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