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Some Samsung smartphones seem to have limited performance when using many popular apps. Several users reported this on social media and the Samsung forum.

Twitter user GaryeonHan and my users south korean tech forum Published a list of ‘10,000 apps’ that will be limited in performance, including brands Android salad And the the edge On. This will be done by Samsung’s Game Enhancement Service, or CIS. Some users are also complaining about this on File South Korea social forums from Samsung

This issue will affect the performance of many popular apps, including apps from Samsung itself, Google, Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, and Microsoft Office. However, performance of benchmark applications such as 3DMark, Antutu, GeekBench, and PCMark appears to be unaffected by CIS.

south korean youtuber Show it recently By renaming the 3DMark benchmark app to the Genshin Impact smartphone app. The YouTuber then ran a Wild Life Extreme test on the Galaxy S22, after which the frame rate dropped in the benchmark. The score also fell sharply, from 2,618 to 1,411.

Various media reports that CIS software can be found on modern Samsung smartphones. 9to5Google found the service On the Galaxy S22 and on the Galaxy S20 FE. Found software hardware information Also on Galaxy S21 FE. Android Authority initially did not find GOS copies of their Galaxy S22, but later stated that the service was on their device. Samsung wrote in its Galaxy Store that the service aims to tweak gaming performance if necessary. No other apps mentioned.

Samsung won’t be the first company to throttle the performance of popular apps. Last year, it turned out that OnePlus does this using popular apps, but not standard software. any Discover Powered by Anandtech Technical Medium. OnePlus later said In a statement, the company did so for the sake of battery life.

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Samsung has not yet commented on the results, but According to Naver . message The tech giant has launched an internal investigation and says Samsung takes the messages very seriously. The company is expected to provide an official response soon. Tweakers have questions pending at Samsung.

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