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I will never buy Samsung LED/OLED products again, those annoying commercials! Then you can set ADguard as your DNS differently to get around it.

In March 2012, the Samsung UE55ES8000 TV was purchased for a small 2999 euros, with a wall mount (the round stuff that allows you to securely mount the TV to the wall from Samsung for 99.99 euros). Total cost 3100 euros for a little luxury TV.

This TV has a SMART HUB with all kinds of applications. There will be hundreds, thousands of them just like the iPad. In addition, a “Smart Evolution Kit” upgrade module will be released, this should allow your SMART HUB part to load and start faster because the TV can then enable the built-in quad-core processor instead of the dual-core processor and support the TV’s operating system for 4 Years. The Evolution kit cost 279 Euro when purchased and was very poorly available, all together 3379 Euro, thank you Samsung.

Nothing I promised has come true, since app support disappeared on my 2014 Samsung TV (no updates, no more new apps). The focus has gone to Samsung’s new Tizen operating system for the newer models from Samsung. In 2015, the Samsung help desk informed me that this was a company decision, “Unfortunately, sir, the help desk employee said. Have you been able to enjoy TV for two years?”.

Since then I’ve been using Chromecast and buying an LG or Philips monitor instead of a Samsung.

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