Samsung introduces new TVs with a remote control that can be charged via radio waves – picture and sound – news

Is this better? In +/- 10 to 15 years these remotes will be unusable because the battery has run out, making the TV nearly unusable (apart from the fact that it’s a smart TV and has a limited life anyway, Iig connected device. .)

My dad in the attic, where he made his puzzle room, uses an old Samsung TV equipped with HD on 32″. Yeah yeah, real 1366 x 768 pixels! It’s from about 2010 if you get it. This TV is still working fine And it works fine to put on a movie or something when it’s confusing.I bought a new movie for myself and only had this TV on loan..but even then it still works fine!

To be honest, I don’t see the Samsung remote lasting as long and this battery doesn’t seem to be easy to replace…I wonder why they couldn’t do it like you can with 64. Now this is a phone. But the principle is the same. It might get a little less capacity, but if something happens to it, it can be replaced and that seems very important to me.

If you have a good battery, it will last longer than a few months. You work hard to turn on the TV. These remote controls end up in the recycling heap, when in reality they don’t have to be.

This is much worse for the environment. Because at that moment you have to treat both the whole remote control as well as the battery pack instead of just the batteries.

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