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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 cameras stop working as soon as the bootloader is opened. Samsung Camera app no ​​longer works. Other camera apps also stop “after a while”, as reported by several users. Therefore, face unlock is no longer possible.

When users want to unlock the bootloader, they get files According to XDA Developers users Notice that the foldable smartphone cameras are turned off. Users have reported that if users keep unlocking the smartphone, the cameras will not work properly.

Samsung’s default camera app shows “Camera Failed” message on startup and apps want to use the camera block “after a while”. It’s not clear how long it takes for these apps to stop working. It also happens that these camera apps give notifications to the user or don’t show anything at all. This concerns both Samsung’s own applications, as well as applications from third-party companies and developers.

This isn’t the first time a smartphone manufacturer has restricted the cameras from running after unlocking the bootloader. earlier Did Sony do something similar By removing noise reduction algorithms, take better photos in low light. As a result, these smartphones will take worse photos after unlocking the bootloader.

It’s not new that Samsung wants to prevent the bootloader from opening. For example, unlocking the bootloader on all current Samsung smartphones ensures that the Knox security system no longer works and disables Samsung Pay. In addition, it conflicts with the terms of Samsung’s warranty.

It is not clear if the Galaxy Z Flip3 has the same camera limitations. XDA readers have reported that locking the bootloader makes the cameras work again.

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