Samsung Galaxy S20 review update: retest the flagship

Samsung Galaxy S20 review update: retest the flagship

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is around a year old and is still a very good smartphone. This is why you can still get it at home, although you will have to pay close attention to a number of things. You can read all about it in this review update.

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Update review: Samsung Galaxy S20 after a year

Last year we came up with something new Android Planet: Review updates. Here we take a look at whether the high-end, mid-range and budget smartphones from last year are still worthwhile. We also discuss popular devices released a few months ago, so you’ll know if you should keep in mind. Other smartphones may have outgrown the old Android phones a bit, but they have often dropped significantly in price and are therefore very attractive.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S21 has been available in the Netherlands for a while, it will also be of interest to many users who are looking for a new smartphone to look at the previous model. After all, the Galaxy S20 is still a great high-end device with sleek design, good performance and excellent cameras. In addition, its price has decreased significantly. You can read in this review update whether you should still get the S20 at home or look for a better alternative.

Test form for this Samsung Galaxy S20 review update is provided by Samsung.

Small size and 120Hz screen

to Samsung Galaxy S20 It is a compact smartphone due to its 6.2-inch screen and narrow bezels, which is refreshing in 2021. The latest Galaxy S21 is the same size and is only a fraction heavier. The S20’s “old” design is sleek, but a little boring.

Especially if you place the S20 next to the S21, the former is a bit slippery with the new design behind it. In our opinion, the back of the S21 looks cooler, since the camera island continues from the side.

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From Galaxy S21.

The S20 screen has rounded edges, while the Galaxy S21 It is completely “flat”. I myself don’t necessarily have a preference when it comes to screen edges. The curved screen looks more luxurious, but it hardly adds anything functional. So a flat screen like the S21 is fine.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 – just like its successor – has a 120Hz display, which looks nice, smooth, and really fun to use. However, the refresh rate is not quite as adaptive as the S21. This means that the refresh rate is automatically adjusted based on what is happening on the screen. Since the refresh rate on the Galaxy S21 can go back to 48Hz, the power is saved. You’ll notice this in practice (more on this later).

Fast hardware and moderate battery life

Under the Galaxy S20’s hood is the Exynos 990 processor and although it is slightly less powerful than the Exynos 2100 than the Galaxy S21, you’ll notice a little difference in practice. Hence the flagship feels smooth and runs every app and game smoothly. With 8GB, enough memory and 128GB available good storage space in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S20

In terms of battery life, there is a distinct difference between the Samsung S20 and S21. Although both devices have a 4000mAh battery, the S21 lasts much longer when fully charged. Sure, the battery life isn’t great and the S21 doesn’t last more than a day, but with the S20 you often have to recharge at the end of the afternoon. Hence, the endurance of the S20 is not over yet, especially if you are a more intensive smartphone user. This is a big downside.

Program: updates for a long time to come

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was launched last year with Android 10 It is now working on Android 11. In fact, the smartphone was one of the first phones to come with the latest version of Android. That’s nice and for security updates, you can also count on Samsung, as the company releases them every month.

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Samsung Galaxy S20

Since the release of the Galaxy S20, Samsung has significantly improved its update policy. Important devices, including the S20, Get three major updates for the Android version. This means that the smartphone will receive Android 12 and 13 updates anyway, which is pretty cool.

You’re also passionate about security updates: Samsung Promises to release patches for four years (from release) For the S20. This protects the smartphone from leaks and other problems in the mobile operating system until the spring of 2024. If you got the S20 at home, you can still count on updates for a long time – even though the phone is already a year old.

The cameras are still good

The cameras are still – despite the Galaxy S20’s age – excellent and comparable to the S21 cameras. On the back there is a 12MP main camera, a 64MP telephoto lens with 3x hybrid zoom, and a 12MP wide angle lens. 10MP front camera for taking selfies and video calling.

Samsung Galaxy S20

As you are on our site Review Samsung Galaxy S21 The latest flagship cameras are slightly better, but not by much. Especially when zoomed in, the S21 takes slightly sharper photos, but even so, the differences are small. If you don’t plan to zoom in a lot with the S20, the phone will work just fine.

If you want this, then Galaxy S20 Ultra at S21 Ultra More interesting due to the binoculars zoom lens. However, these devices are much more expensive. In terms of the camera, the S20 no longer belongs to the absolute top, but it still scores more than satisfactorily. For most users, the Samsung S20 cameras will definitely suffice.

The price difference is with the S21 and S20 FE

A year after its launch, we are very positive about the Samsung Galaxy S20. However, we don’t recommend it right away if you are looking for a high-end smartphone at an affordable price. For example, the price difference with the newer S21 is not very large, because this device was launched at a suggested retail price (849 instead of 999 euros).

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Official Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
De Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

For Galaxy S21 You are currently paying around € 800While the S20 costs just over 700 euros. If you wanna spend less, then … Galaxy S20 FE An interesting choice. This phone It now costs about 530 euros And it is barely inferior to the regular S20. Battery life in Fan Edition is better and device receives updates a little longer.

Conclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S20 update review

In 2021, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is still a great smartphone with impressive, fluid hardware, an excellent display, and excellent cameras. The battery is only somewhat disappointing: the phone hardly lasts a day and with many other high-end phones the battery life is simply better.

Additionally, the price difference between the Galaxy S20 and S21 isn’t that great, and you can get the S20 FE for much less, which also carries a device of its own. As a result, the Galaxy S20 is not the best choice if you are looking for a high-end smartphone for which you do not have to pay the highest price. The S20 is definitely not a bad buy either.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20

Are you planning to get a Samsung Galaxy S20? Currently, it pays about 700 euros for the flagship last year. In the price comparison below, you can see the current prices for one of them losse Samsung S20. Of course it is also possible to use an Galaxy S20 with subscription To buy.

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