Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features

The first Samsung phones receive the new Android 12 via an update. At first glance, your Samsung phone may not look like a huge change, but if you read the tips in this article, your phone will look completely different. You can get started right away with these tips.

1. Decorate your Samsung with color palettes

Android 12 has a big change that immediately catches your eye which is the Material You platform. Google wants you to walk around with a unique phone and materials you can help with. With this theme system, the entire interface, from menus to apps, captures the colors of your wallpaper in one fell swoop. Samsung has Your own copy of Material You It is hidden in One UI 4 and you still have to set it up after installing the update.

  1. Tap your screen and hold your finger on the screen for 3 seconds
  2. tap on background and style
  3. tap on color palette
  4. Choose a color palette
  5. Select the bottom option if you want to color the app icons as well

App icons not working?

By the way, there Many manufacturers Which integrates Google’s Material You platform, but Samsung made its own variant. As mentioned earlier, there is a drawback to this. Wallpaper colors can be seen largely in Google and third-party apps, but the app icons remain unchanged. This seems inconsistent and we hope it will be modified, by Samsung or by the app developer. In the screenshot below, you can see what the Google and Brave app icons look like now. Samsung has almost all of its own apps that are optimized for color palettes.

2. New widgets

Google has fixed the widgets of popular apps in Android 12. As a result see you here And now also on your Samsung phone running Android 12. Samsung also offers widget recommendations. This will make your Samsung phone recommend widgets to be used in the tool selector. In addition, you can put your favorite photo or beautiful photo gallery as a photo frame on your screen.

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features
New Google Apps Tools

3. Microphone and camera keys

Google introduced privacy indicators with Android 12. You will then see an icon in the upper right when the camera or microphone is active. Then go to the quick settings, and tap the icon to see which app is using it. Samsung handles this precisely in One UI 4, you just need to put the two keys in the quick settings.

  1. First, swipe down the quick settings with two fingers
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right
  3. tap on Edit buttons
  4. keep tokens Camera access employment Microphone access One by one and move them to the desired place in the quick settings
  5. tap on ready

You can now immediately tap a button to prevent the app from accessing your camera or microphone. In addition, there is the possibility of Not the exact location To participate in applications.

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features

switch internet

Samsung has left the internet key undisturbed and here I am happy with it. In addition, Google hasEnergy List“From the power button to the device manager button in the quick settings. Samsung has never moved the smart home control system and still does Under the “Devices” button It can also be found in One UI 4.

4. New features from Samsung

Samsung has also added a whole series of useful functions to One UI 4, the most important ones are presented below.

Extra Darkening

This point is not about us Dmitri But about the additional dimming button, which you can also adjust in your quick settings via the steps in point 2. With this button, you can easily watch a YouTube video at night without the screen lighting up the entire room.

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features

double emoji

Now you can set AR Emoji as profile picture in contacts, just like you. Moreover, your GIFs, stickers and emojis are all gathered under one button on the Samsung keyboard. Samsung Also follows Gboard-Combined with two emojis in your keyboard.

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features

Camera and Gallery

Samsung’s Camera and Gallery app is also getting improvements. You will find an overview below.

  • Zoom range: In the Camera app, you can now see the exact zoom range by a number.
  • To switch between photo and video: Long press the shutter button to switch to the video.
  • Media sharing: When you share photos or videos in the Gallery app, you’ll get a bigger preview of exactly what you’re about to share.
  • Photo remaster: Blurry images can make you more visible in the gallery app.
Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features
Photo remasteren

More news

In addition, there are more improvements in One UI 4:

  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode: You can already resize the videos on your phone using PiP mode, but now you can also resize this window to your liking.
  • Media in quick settings: You can easily switch the audio source in the quick settings section. For example, switch between a Bluetooth speaker and earphones.
  • Improved “drag and drop”: When you drag text or a file from one window to another in split screen mode, the background becomes transparent. This way you can clearly see where you are pulling something.

When will my Samsung phone get One Ui 4.0?

from Samsung Galaxy S21, from S21 more from S21 Ultra Already equipped with Android 12. You can follow the progress of Samsung’s update plans for other Galaxy phones in our website Big update overview.

Once the update is available to you, you will see a notification in the notification bar. You can also manually check for update: Settings > Software update > Download and install.

Samsung and Android 12 phones, here you will find all the new features
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