Samira (26): "I'll go to the US in 2 weeks for in-house medical training"

Samira (26): “I’ll go to the US in 2 weeks for in-house medical training”

“I was already told in fifth grade that I wanted to be a doctor and wanted to go to the United States. Maybe I just screamed, but in high school my interest in biology and the human body really started. I also knew I wanted to be a social worker. It was the right combination.It was not easy to join the course.It was a difficult choice and for that I had to do all sorts of tests but I succeeded.

I grew up with my mother in a small village with no diversity. I went to VU University Amsterdam for my studies. I felt welcome there from the beginning. At the beginning of my study I had a lot of trouble with Imposter Syndrome: I could not handle the study and I was afraid it would be too hard for me. That too I do not know those who practiced medicine or those who were physicians.

Eventually, everything went well, and I graduated six years later. But you have not yet mastered. Be sure to read over it. I wanted to do it in the US, and that was my challenge. That worked, too, because I’ve going to Washington DC in two weeks to study in medicine for three years. This is very exciting because I move from a small village to a big city where no one knows.

After the time I was in the United States, I still wanted to specialize for three more years because eventually I would like to become a cardiologist or physician in intensive care. It is a long way to travel and sometimes I see less of my family and friends because I am too busy. But sometimes you just have to be patient. It is a shame not to do it because you think it will take more time. Trust yourself and know that in the end everything will work out. Not everything comes at once. “

– Sameera (26)

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