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Volition delays Saints Row restart by six months. The developer says it has underestimated the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and needs more time to finish the game. There will be no major changes compared to what was shown.

The new Saints Row game is set to be the “biggest and best” yet and won’t be able to finish before its original February 25 release date at the level the studio has set for itself and what players can expect, Writes Creative Director Jim Bon.

Volition is now getting an additional six months of development time and will use that to fine-tune and refine the game. The studio stresses that players should not expect changes to the content compared to what has been shown from the game so far.

“Nothing changes about the story, the characters, and everything we’ve lovingly made over the years,” Boone wrote in the blog post. He also says the studio has underestimated how much the coronavirus pandemic will affect planning, even though “everyone has adapted very quickly to working from home” and staying “very productive”.

Deep Silver Volition kondigde DIY Reboot Fan Saints Row in August. The game takes place in the fictional city of Santo Eliso, located in the desert-like southwest of the United States. Players play the role of The Boss and therefore are responsible for a criminal empire, which according to the developer can be arranged according to their own wishes.

The open world game features three hostile factions. These are the Marshal, a powerful multinational with futuristic weapons, and the Pantheros, consisting of heavily armed and idolatrous street criminals, and anarchists who use chaotic attack techniques.

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