Sad: Rosalie left with 3,500 euros in a bag for bigger buttocks

Sad: Rosalie left with 3,500 euros in a bag for bigger buttocks

For Turkey to get bigger buttocks.picture –

ok boomer, warned Lips himself, shaking his head as the young women headed to Turkey for buttock augmentation surgery. that Brazilian butt liftLips had an opinion on that, but he also knew that that opinion was hopelessly outdated and totally irrelevant.

Because, judging by For Turkey to get bigger buttocks van Ewout Genemans It is now normal to go to Istanbul on the basis of “Facebook groups search about plastic surgery” and recommendations of sponsorship influencers to transfer fat from your belly to your buttocks. “Why not, I only live once,” said 19-year-old Rosalie. The fact that she was experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts was dismissed in a few sentences.

Rosalie brought 3,500 euros in cash in a sandwich bag, and an Instagram photo of a woman on the beach with huge buttocks and a wasp waist. This is how she wanted to be. The food was eaten by the doctor too quickly and he was rescinded his warning that your skin will loosen up after liposuction. “If that’s the worst thing, this is what you get when you’re pregnant.”

The apparent indifference of women impressed the lips the most. Why would you allow an anonymous doctor in a foreign country to cut your healthy body? And what is the ideal of beauty that is sought here?

If the program For Turkey to get bigger buttocks But it is somewhat successful. Tracking down a questionable doctor failed, threatening music within sight of the operating room was an unnecessary TV hoax and stories of success and horror remained anecdotal.

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But Genemans managed to unravel a rather mysterious world that was rather sad. Lips wondered, would Rosalie really be happy with her new bottom. Before going to bed, he looked in the mirror at his flabby buttocks. ok boomer.

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