Sachsenberg is proud to be an orthopedic surgeon

Sachsenberg is proud to be an orthopedic surgeon

Last week, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stefan (SN) van Vendeloo, MD, of the Sachsenburg Medical Center in Hardenberg, University of Groningen with his research on Modernization in Medical Education and the Impact on the Mental Health of Physicians in Training (Aios). The studies are basically the result of personal experiences during his training. He is happy to use the knowledge and experience gained from Saxenburg patients.

To get quality patient care, it is also important that doctors be well trained and mentally fit. That is why additional medical education has been greatly updated in recent years and has become competency-oriented. In his thesis “Improving Learning Environments and Resident Well-Being in Postgraduate Medical Education”, Stefan van Findlow examined the impact of the modernization process on the learning environment and considered the role the learning environment plays in determining residents’ mental well-being.

Well-being of doctors in training

It states, among other things, that the evaluator can appreciate the essential elements of competency-based training, such as clear testing, improved supervision, and portfolio building. In addition, the learning environment appears to play a major role in determining the mental well-being of the population. A conducive learning environment reduces the chance of burnout and stimulates their enthusiasm.

Characteristics of this conducive learning environment include adequate opportunities for learning, independence, receiving constructive feedback, and a culture of growth, according to his research. According to the doctoral candidate, it would be good for educators to realize their critical role in this process and should take this into account in further modernization.

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Sachsenberg plays an important role in the training of apprentices. In addition, there are medical assistants who work in different departments. I am happy to share my knowledge with the respective supervisors,” says the new doctor.

Sachsenburg is proud to be promoting an orthopedic surgeon and is pleased with the positive impact this will have on both specialists and patients at the Sachsenburg Medical Center.

Curriculum Vitae

Stefan van Findlow (1984) studied medicine at the University of Groningen. During his PhD research, he was affiliated with the SHARE Institute of the University Medical Center Groningen. After training as an orthopedic surgeon, he worked for a year as a fellow in traumatology at the largest trauma center in Belgium. Since March 1, 2020, he has been working as an orthopedic surgeon at the Sachsenburg Medical Center, within the Vechtdal Orthopedic Centre,

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