Sabine Shute Kerry buys Champion Oldenburger Splendid with an eye on the sport

Gorgeous (Saint Amour I x Dreamboy). Photo: Oldenburger Beverde

Oldenburger saddle check champion Wonderful (Saint Amour I x Dreamboy) leaves for America. Sabine Shute Kerry has a stallion From breeder Rob Zandvoort Bought for the sport. He left the stallion for €515,000 in 2021 to Gut-Schönwid in Schleswig-Holstein, but was found to be infertile.

In 2021, Splendid was sold for €515,000 to Swiss Adrian Gasser, who owns Gut Schönweide in Schleswig-Holstein, making him the most expensive champion of all ten saddle licenses. Due to the poor quality of the semen, the stallion was not available for breeding, and later Adrian declared that the stallion was (so far) sterile.

a discount

American Sabine Shute Keery, who was a member of the US team that won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, has now purchased the stallion through Brett Wilson with the intent of sporting it. “We are so happy to have such a great group in our stables and I can’t wait to get started with them,” says Sabine. “From the first moment I sat on it it reminded me of Sansu and it gives off an incredible feel.”

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