S10 satisfied with 11th place: "Best performance of my life"

S10 satisfied with 11th place: “Best performance of my life”

S10 is satisfied with the 11th place it achieved last night in the Eurovision Song Contest final. “I had such a good time. It was the best performance so far, in my life actually.”

After that, the singer briefly spoke with the Dutch press outside her hotel. There, she said she regrets ending up outside the top ten, just because of her name. “I wish I had one,” she laughed. But it’s a great summit.”

The S10 said it had the best week of its life. She was also very pleased that the host country, Italy, gave her performance a full 12 points. “It helped me a lot.” In total, the Netherlands scored 171 points, and Ukraine won with 631 points.

After the press conference, the S10 said it would be dealing with beer. “That was also a long time ago.”

2nd in the semi-finals

depth The S10 van finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals on Tuesday, behind Ukraine. This is evident from the results the organization received after the final announce† The results of the semi-finals are always published only after the final battle, so as not to affect the voting.

S10 scored 221 points in the semi-finals, behind the 337 points that Ukraine got for the final winner Stefania† In the final, the Dutch singer took 11th place. Greece came in third, and came last disco from LPS from Slovenia with only 15 points, all but two from neighboring Croatia.

The Netherlands in particular was beloved by the professional juries, who awarded 142 points to the S10, the most with the exception of the Greek entry. The audience made the remaining 79 points. The jury placed Ukraine in third place with 135 points.

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In the second semi-final on Thursday, Sweden finished in first place with hold me closewho had a higher score than Ukraine in the semi-finals with 396. Australia finished second that day, a great result as they only finished 15th last night.

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