S10 qualifies for Eurovision final: 'Very cool job'

S10 qualifies for Eurovision final: ‘Very cool job’

Developed countries are named in random order after voting. As the S10 was the last thing discussed, it was still exciting. The singer and her entourage reacted profusely to the success:

Marius Behr (Switzerland), Rosa Lynn (Armenia), Sestor (Iceland), Monica Liu (Lithuania), Maru (Portugal), Sobolver (Norway), Amanda Tenfjord (Greece) and Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) also qualified. and Zdob si Zdub & Advahov Brothers (Moldova).

“steady and good sound”

Song Festival commentators, Kornald Maas and Jan Smit, were delighted with the S10’s performance during the broadcast. “Very stable and a good singer,” Smit said afterwards of her interpretation of Die Dept. “I’m sure she knows how to sing by herself in Dutch in those European hearts. Goosebumps everywhere.”

You can see the full S10 performance here:

The implementation of the S10 has also been praised on social media. “You did an absolutely amazing job,” wrote Duncan Laurence, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. “Damn, it was good.”

Coen Swijnenberg was also excited. 538 DJ asked, “I had the idea that the S10 could barely hold back her tears. Or am I the only one.” 3FM DJ Frank van der Linde I love it too. “You stand still, but you sing well!”

“Blown Away by S10”

Luuk Ikink thought it was “really cool” to share the S10 with a Dutch song. “Standing gorgeous there on that big (and ugly) stage.”

Other reactions on Twitter have been mostly positive. Someone wrote “Amazed by the S10”. Another commented, “The S10 did a great job.” “Nice how Sten made herself vulnerable to such a large audience. The ending was stunningly beautiful.”

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Thursday is the second semi-final. Eighteen countries, including Finland, Australia, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden, are vying for ten places in the final. Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain, the so-called “Big Five”, have already secured a place in the final.

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