Russian Prison Service: Navalny is allowed to sleep, but the guards are checking |  Abroad

Russian Prison Service: Navalny is allowed to sleep, but the guards are checking | Abroad

The Russian Prison Service defends the way opposition leader Alexei Navalny is being treated in the prison camp where he is incarcerated. The politician went on a hunger strike this week because he will be denied medical care and guards will wake him every hour at night, but the authorities say everything is going according to the rules.

A well-known critic of President Vladimir Putin is being held in a concentration camp 100 kilometers from Moscow. He says Back and leg complaints And not getting proper medical attention. Navalny demands access to a doctor of his choice and laments the guards, too I wake up every hour at night.

The regional prison service described this criticism as unjustified. The service affirms that all prisoners have the right to sleep eight hours without interruption. He adds that the guards patrol at night and then check the prisoners. This should not obstruct their sleep. According to the authorities, Navalny is not treated differently from his fellow prisoners.

The opposition leader’s attorney is said to have already arranged for a doctor. Dr. Alexei Barinov said that he was ready to go to prison. “We are awaiting a decision from the Prisons Authority.”

He lost 8 pounds

Navalny’s team reported later in the day that it had lost 8 pounds before it On hunger strike , Once again expressing his concerns about his health. The Kremlin critic, who has a height of 1.89 meters, is now said to weigh 85 kg. Weight loss is said to be due to a lack of sleep. The team said the doctor had not yet been accepted.

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Meanwhile, the Kremlin said it saw no reason to intervene in the hunger strike. “This is not an issue on the agenda of the head of state,” the Interfax news agency quoted Putin’s spokesman as saying.

Baltic states

The Baltic states have it Russia called for medical care By imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny (44). He is being held in a concentration camp, and according to his allies, he faces serious health problems. Members of the European Union, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania described the reports as “extremely worrying” and asked the international community to speak out.

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