Russia Violates Grain Deal Agreements and Stops Ships • Ukraine is investigating the role of Belarus in deporting children

The government in Kiev accuses Russia of violating the terms of the grain deal. According to Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Reconstruction, Yuriy Vaskov, Russia does not allow ships to sail to the port city of Pivdenye.

Vaskov spoke of a “flagrant violation” of the grain deal. Under the agreement, Russia guarantees the safe export of grain and foodstuffs across the Black Sea from the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Pivdenye.

The grain deal between Russia and Ukraine was signed last July and extended for two months last week. But Russia did not allow grain ships to enter the port of Pivdenye, the largest of the three ports in terms of throughput, for a month, according to Vaskov.

“Russia has found an effective way to exclude Ukrainian grain exports through the port of Pevdenye,” he said. Vaskov Reuters news agency. According to him, Russian inspectors have been refusing to check the ships since April 29, which is one of the conditions of the deal Pivdennyi as a destination.

The United Nations, which brokered and extended the agreement with Turkey, also yesterday expressed concern that Ukrainian grain ships had not reached Pivdennyi since May 2. Moscow denies preventing grain exports.

Tom Kieft

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