Russia Remains Silent on Doping Case 16-Year-Old Figure Skater, US Openly Demands |  Other sports

Russia Remains Silent on Doping Case 16-Year-Old Figure Skater, US Openly Demands | Other sports

Because of his young age, Rusada did not want to release the date of the hearings and the verdict was not made public. This prompted an angry response from the US anti-doping agency USADA, which demanded transparency and accountability.

The Russian company published a brief statement on its website on Friday, which did not name Valeeva. Reference is made to a ‘figure skater’. However, it indicates that everything is about the young figure skater.


Not surprisingly, athletes and the public do not trust WADA’s global anti-doping system.

Travis Dyckart, USADA CEO

Valeeva was 15 years old when she competed in the Olympic Games in February. The outstanding talent led Russia to gold at the Nations Cup in Beijing, but a day later it was revealed he had tested positive for a banned substance at the end of last year. This led to a one-day riot at the Winter Games.

“If she is acquitted, there will be nothing to hide. So make it public,” USADA Director Travis Tygart told CNN. “The secrecy of the ruling and the facts make the investigation a travesty. It’s no wonder athletes and the public don’t trust WADA’s global anti-doping system. WADA, the ISU and the International Olympic Committee must appeal any ruling in this case and, under the rules, open An investigation must be demanded. If that doesn’t happen, no one will believe what happened in Beijing was real, but another fraudulent victory by the Russians like so many before.”

Valeeva was allowed to compete in the individual competition despite a doping case following an emergency hearing by the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS. Mainly because she was under 16 at the time. Athletes up to that age have “protected status” with the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA. Valieva was unable to cope with the pressure and took second place on the podium in the individual freestyle. As a result of the young figure skater’s case, the International Skating Federation ISU decided to raise the minimum age to participate in senior competitions from 15 to 17 years.

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No medals have yet been awarded for the Nations Cup at the Games. The decision is subject to change until a decision is made. In Beijing, the US figurehead was second only to Russia.

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