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Jagex RuneScape is available for Android and iOS this summer. The publisher has not specified an exact date, although there is an “expected” date of June 17 on the Apple App Store. Old School RuneScape was already available for smartphones.

from smartphoneversie van RuneScape It is a fully shared platform and players can log into the smartphone version using their desktop account. The Android- On IOS version It also contains the same missions, characters, and locations as the desktop variant. The smartphone game is already available as Early Access and has been installed over 2.1 million times in the past eighteen months.

Jagex says the mobile version will be free and the game will have an easy-to-use mobile interface. The developer also writes about “Optical and Operational Repair”. Tutorial, menus, icons, texts, and textures have been redesigned for the smartphone game. The combat mechanisms have also been modified. Players can now sign up for the smartphone version, which will unlock “exclusive in-game rewards” for the community.

Developer He already said in 2017 Working on a portable version of RuneScape, then with a planned release date of 2018. It is unclear why this deadline has not been met. Old School RuneScape has been available for iOS and Android for quite some time now. This version appeared On October 30, 2018.

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