Runaway suspect (22) in a spectacular burglary of jewelry from a German museum |  abroad

Runaway suspect (22) in a spectacular burglary of jewelry from a German museum | abroad

A fifth suspect was arrested eighteen months after the spectacular heist of jewelry from a museum in Dresden. It is Abdelmadjid Ramou (22), a member of a notorious criminal “clan” from Berlin, according to the Dresden Public Prosecution Office. He is half a twin and managed to escape from the police twice.

Abdul Majid was arrested on Monday evening during a house search in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin, where he is headquartered. A mobile phone and clothes were confiscated, OM announced Tuesday morning. The police were already on their heels in early January, but the 1920s managed to escape.

Remmo’s twin brother, Muhammad, had been detained since the end of last year. he becomes Captured in Neukölln on December 14. He was supposed to meet an acquaintance, but he was already spotted by the police team. And an international arrest warrant was issued for the twins.

I had the German police already in November Three of the suspects were arrested during a dramatic police raid. Police sources told Berlin media at the time that they were Wissam (23), Rabeh (23) and Bashir (26). Like the twins, the three are German citizens and belong to the Ramou clan, a notorious 500-strong Lebanese Kurdish family of several generations in the German capital.

The twins managed to escape just before the police operation. According to German media, they were informed of the imminent action.

Four ‘scouts’

Prosecutors assume that the five main suspects were assisted by four men who visited the museum the day before the jewelry robbery. She can be seen in the display box where the crown jewels were and you will explore the place. One of the four is said to be linked to one of the main suspects. Television footage of the quad was released in March.

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The four suspects are said to have explored the museum the day before the jewelry theft. © OM Dresden

From Dresden

© OM Dresden

Crown jewels

It is not yet known if traces of the loot have been found in the Grünes Gewölbe Historical Museum in Dresden. The escape took place on November 25, 2019 Augustus’ Strong Crown Jewelery, also known as “The Sun King of Saxony”. Jewelry has an “invaluable” cultural value. Thieves broke into a grid in front of a window on the first floor. Then they made their way to the jewelry room downstairs and made their move. The guards witnessed the theft through their screens. That only lasted a few minutes.

The Dresden Prosecutor said the thieves fled Dresden in a Mercedes disguised as a taxi and drove about 200 km north to Berlin. They used an Audi A6 to get away from the museum, then left it in an underground garage and set it on fire a few miles from the museum. The stolen items include some artifacts, such as the Dresden White Diamonds and the Polish White Eagle system.

Regarding the golden advice that led to the clarification of what the German media calls “the greatest art theft in postwar history”, Bonus half a million euros Praised and praised.

Giant gold coin

Wissam Ramo, described by the judiciary as a “ notorious thief, ” was sentenced to two years and six months in prison in November last year for breaking into a multi-tool hydraulic plant in 2018 in Bavaria. He was also one of the suspects in the horrific robbery of A 100 kilo gold coin, worth 3.7 million euros From the Berlin Bode Museum, in March 2017. The method of the perpetrators, who also entered through a window, showed many similarities with art theft in Dresden. Wissam and his cousin Ahmed, 21, were sentenced to 4.5 years in prison in February 2020.

Thieves grabbed their chance in one of these display boxes in the museum's jewelry room.

Thieves grabbed their chance in one of these display boxes in the museum’s jewelry room. © Green Vault.

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