Rumor: Nintendo will soon offer Game Boy and Game Boy Color games for the Switch – Games – News

If it is added in Nintendo Online like NES and SNES games, you don’t have to pay more. It’s kind of an Xbox staple with games over 20 years old, and the selection is pretty limited (so far) 58 miscellaneous employment 49 SNES Games). Games that Nintendo itself owns the rights to won’t be difficult, but they don’t put all of them in it. Often (not monthly unfortunately) there are 1 or 2-4 new games. So by the time Switch EOL comes along, you won’t have the entire NES or SNES library.

They’re afraid that people will play old NES games and not buy “new” Switch games once they’ve put all (S) NES games in the library.

For example, if I see Earthbound still unavailable, I’m afraid that when Gameboy (Color) comes along they won’t add Pokémon (GB & GBC versions) as some here claim or wishful thinking.

These are just cash grabs you probably mean. But at the moment, there is no legal alternative to playing these (old) games on the Switch. Knowing Nintendo, they will keep it that way for the foreseeable future so as not to break up the sale of new games.

I don’t agree with their business practices either, but it’s a business model they have and it’s a pretty successful model for my taste. Unfortunately, it is not consumer friendly.

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