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You know that with Rosetta 2, the performance of the M1 chip, despite the simulation, which anyone with a little bit of IT knowledge knows has a huge impact on performance, is better than the Core i7 performance of the previous generation Macs right?

I also don’t say M1 is bad or anything; I’m just saying that in the long run it couldn’t be otherwise that the M1 is a success. People who own things from Apple should continue to use Apple items because they just can’t switch.

In the case of Windows, MS doesn’t even dispose of the 32-bit version properly, because there are still a lot of applications not running on a 64-bit OS for whatever reason.

This is also the main reason I don’t use an Apple computer: lack of hardware options, not being able to choose another manufacturer of my computer if Apple does something with hardware I don’t like. If it could be official, I’d rather run macOS than Windows.

Not that Windows works so badly for me, but I just think macOS is a lot more beautiful. (It’s better organized in some areas, and it’s Unix, which I feel more at home on the command line than I feel on Windows.)

So the question now is mainly about whether there will be alternative chipsets that can provide equivalent performance to non-Apple devices. For windows, it is also true that a lot of programs are written in high-level languages ​​and that moving to ARM if you really want to, is really not an impossible task.

I don’t know if Microsoft has an emulation layer from x64-64 to ARM as Apple has a layer the other way around.

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