Rumor: Facebook is working on Instagram for kids under 13 – IT Pro – News

You forget a very important trigger, make you addicted and dependent. The tobacco industry also primarily targets youth in a very deceptive way. In the past especially, strong men and action heroes have been smokers in movies. Watch the movie “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” …
I don’t use social media at all, I like to stay as far away as possible.
Some of the platforms I use are: Youtube (tutorials and sometimes music), Reddit, Forums, Tweakers, etc., but mainly for knowledge, not to support so-called influencers (it is better to call them Influeza, because it spreads and infects as some kind of The virus and children are less resistant to it.)
In my environment, I constantly see friends and colleagues on their phones, especially Instagram and that can bother me. Especially when you are talking to someone and they suddenly have to pick up their phone, because there are new photos and videos that are worth liking.
My dear friend who visits often, he often sits on his phone when we watch a movie or chat, because he would like to be “up to date” with the latest photos and videos of influencers (they are called mainly cute bimbos without talents).
I miss the old days where you could still sit together without the mobile phone in hand constantly.

I’m also now an old penis (around 40 years old) … so it must be because of me that it’s making me worse.

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