Rumor: AMD is studying Zen 4 CPUs for AM4 motherboards

Rumor: AMD is studying Zen 4 CPUs for AM4 motherboards

AMD has confirmed several times that the AM4 motherboard platform will remain in the range for now. It now appears that AMD is planning an AM4 variant of their Zen 4 processors. This processor will get DDR4 support on AM4 motherboards. This is special, because AMD previously announced that Zen 4 will only support DDR5 and therefore will not be able to run on an AM4 motherboard.

AMD’s Robert Hallock had previously confirmed that AM4 and AM5 will coexist and that new CPUs for all platforms could come. AMD is having a hard time competing with Intel Raptor Lake, which supports not only current 600-series motherboards, but both DDR4 and DDR5 as well. As a counterpart to the previous Alder Lake, AMD released a large number of Ryzen 5000 key parts. Now it will have to repeat this approach to keep up with Lake Raptor. AMD has the choice between more Zen 3 parts, or a Zen 4 version with DDR4 support.

Zen 4 on AM4 will not be the top. It is expected that 8 cores and 16 threads will be introduced if the rumors come true.


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