Roxanne takes a lot of closet into a bed and breakfast full of love

Roxanne takes a lot of closet into a bed and breakfast full of love

Bff Vincent has already searched the two men extensively, but Christian has yet to meet him. That’s why he comes to take a big pulse. The evening begins with a glass of champagne, but the alcohol quickly does its job and tells Roxanne – in front of her guests – that she finds it very difficult to have three men around her.

“I usually say, ‘Goodbye’,” she laughs. “And now I have three in the house, which is a lot. Because they are very different men, as well as in character and everything.”

Although the gentlemen are all doing their best, good friend Vincent thinks Roxanne should do a little more. “She’s allowed to come out of her shell a little bit and come out to investigate,” he tells the camera. When the opportunity presents itself, he decides to throw his girlfriend at the lions: when Mitch refuses a cup because of his strict athletic program, Vincent wants to see how strong he is and suggests he squats, with the bed and breakfast owner on the table on his shoulders. But, Vincent first wants Roxanne to wear a sexy “sweatsuit”.

No more has been said than done and when you go down a little later, the men immediately back off. Perhaps the outfit is a bit too daring for that evening’s activity, because as she climbs onto Mitch’s sturdy shoulders, her breasts decide that the suit is too small… oops!

Meanwhile in Saint-Seine, 59-year-old Bert can’t believe his luck after Romana and Gwen leave, because, against all odds, he’s treated to another lady who comes to join him at the French bed and breakfast.

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