Ronnie Flex hates his birthday because of messages from his father

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Where most people enjoy their birthday, Ronnie Flex always fears it. The 29-year-old musician said de Volkskrant That’s because of his father. He was never there on his birthday, but he would always write him a letter.

Ronel Plasschaert’s father left for the United States and stayed away from his son’s life for eight years. At first, there was still a phone call, but their relationship fell apart when the rapper felt mixed feelings about the course of events.

“I wanted him to be there, I didn’t want to call him on the phone. Then I didn’t think about it. I’m going to go ahead, live my life on the street with my mates. And every year on my birthday I get a letter from him. To this day I don’t think it’s great to be Have a birthday.”

In an interview with the newspaper, Plasschaert said that for the first few years he was still happy with the letters, but his feelings turned to anger. “Until I turned eighteen, I got another letter and thought: I am not opening that letter. While I knew that if I read this letter, it would do me a lot, because my father is good at words. He can do everything: make rhythms, write, poetry. Those letters. From him they were not ordinary letters. But they were letters, in which he wrote how proud he was of me, when he was never there. These letters are painful.”

His father still texts him every year, but communication has improved since then. Two years ago, his father came to Holland to meet his granddaughter, Nouri, daughter of Plasschaert. The rapper believes that due to years of bad contact with his father, he himself would like to be there for his children – daughter Nori and the daughter he is expecting with Demi de Boer.

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“Maybe your desire to have children is greater, because you want someone to love you unconditionally. After the divorce, my father’s contact was always good, I saw him every two weeks. Much less than I did with Nouri Ben, but he was there. Then he left.” Of course you think, why don’t you stay for me?”

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