ROM captains win medals at the Belgian championships and are allowed to go to the World Cup in America (Mechelen)

The senior women’s team won the Belgian championship.© ROM Skippers


After the successful provincial championships a few weeks ago, the ROM skippers have now also won medals at the Belgian championships. This qualified two teams of Mechelen Ropeskippers for the World Cup in the USA.

The senior women’s team, which now has a long tradition of winning championships, has shot the key bird. “After a very exciting match, they were crowned Belgian champions,” says the ROM skippers. “With that performance they also qualified for the World Championships, which will take place in the US this summer.

The mixed U23 team will prepare for the US tour. They placed third in the Belgian Championships and also qualified for the International Open in Colorado Springs. There was also a medal for women under 23. One of the two teams finished third in the Belgian championship. The team was a few points short of World Cup qualification. The Mechelen teams also collected a total of ten regional medals.

Reserves won the bronze medal.© ROM Skippers


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