Rob Goossens predicts a TV interview with Linda de Mol

Rob Goossens predicts a TV interview with Linda de Mol

in Five Live Linda plays a talk show host, but so far she hasn’t given a comeback interview at a talk show table in real life. It remains to be seen if that is on the agenda. Linda herself has been saying for a while that she doesn’t need to tell her story somewhere other than her own platform Linda. But she has another Linda.. a number dominated by talk shows. Khaled Kassem was also interviewed for that magazine.

Khaled Kassem does a talk show a hundred times better than she appears on it Five Live‘, says Rob BLVD Podcast. Luke expects to meet Linda on a talk show soon. “It has to come at some point, of course,” Lock says. “Everyone wants to hear it.”

This makes Rob think. “Now that I say it like this: This is probably a careful app. She scans like this. And now I thought: Khaled Kassem, I think he’s a decent guest, I’m going to sit there,” argues a media expert.

Luke is an immortal “magic”, and the same goes for Rob. “I read Angela de Young’s column about Khalid and Dirk Bolt. Then I thought: This is very wrong. I usually agree with Angela, but this was a good interview from Khalid, who listened really well, and the content stayed sharp and wasn’t ‘I’m going to do some kind of questioning'”, Rob explains.

full episode of BLVD Podcast Listen below and watch it here.

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