Right-Wing America’s False Hero Tucker Carlson Immediately Quits Fox News – Jupp

PVDB2April 24 2023 – 21:08

This man has had such an impact on viewers on this far-right channel that now 70% of Republican voters, some 26 million people, still believe in grand theft. Trump won that election. But yes, as long as you have the confidence and glamor that many right-wing voters want, you can do a lot. One in a TV channel, another in a book, another in a Christian unit in Kenya. With a personal net worth of $420 million, Tucker Carlson can take it. I will write his memoirs soon. And he’s not the only host who’s a Fox millionaire. But we’re here for you, common American guys. Maybe he already saw the storm coming and wanted to abandon ship. Perhaps another “journalist” from the Netherlands, if he’s unlucky, could get a defamation or libel suit, just like Fox News. Facts are just an opinion. As was often the case with Fox. So you can’t always hide under freedom of expression when you spew vulgar garbage on the screen again.

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KaringinApril 25 2023 – 8:44

Yes financially he would be better off but his ego would have taken a huge dent. He has lost his national base. This will no doubt prompt him to go for more serious plating on another platform, viz

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