Right-hand man Anders Juncker underscores Louis van Gaal's strength: "His squads radiate invincibility."

Right-hand man Anders Juncker underscores Louis van Gaal’s strength: “His squads radiate invincibility.”

As team mate Louis van Gaal tries to lead the Dutch national team to the world title in Qatar, Andries Junker is working quietly at the KNVB complex in Zeist. The national coach of the orange championships, of course, follows everything closely and expresses his great appreciation to the national coach of the men’s team. “His teams often radiate their ability to beat anyone.”

Andres Juncker analyzes Louis van Gaal’s persuasion – NH News

Andries Jonker currently works with Louis van Gaal at KNVB, but in the past they were often under contract to the same employer. For example, the former Telstar coach was Van Gaal’s right-hand man at FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich. “I’ve often seen him get a feel for the team, where the players think they’re really good.”

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The Dutch national team started the World Cup in Qatar well with a 2-0 victory over Senegal. However, public opinion believed that the Orange played football too moderately. Juncker sees it differently and basically believes there should be more appreciation for the performance of national coach Van Gaal’s men. “Senegal was a tough job.”

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Andres Juncker thinks Orange did an excellent job against Senegal – NH News

Social issues

In addition to the sporting aspect of the World Cup, social issues in Qatar are also discussed daily in the media. From the poor conditions of migrant workers to the inequality between men and women. The outspoken Juncker also has an opinion on the matter and finds the situation appalling for many people there. However, he does not believe that football players should be constantly held accountable for this. “You can’t expect that from athletes.”

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Anders Junker on footballers’ commitment to social causes – NH News

Last summer, Juncker made a move from Telstar to coaching the Orange National Championships. North Hollander has now qualified for the World Cup with the women’s national team. This will be held next summer in New Zealand and Australia. The Netherlands will then be in a group with America, Vietnam and another unknown opponent.

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