Rig topper Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA is moving to America

Gilmer Chardon with Eze. Photo: Joanna Faber

KFPS studbook stallion Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA is going to America. This became known at the stallion show in Harish on Saturday 8 April, where Eise 489 received a standing ovation with his ‘mate’ Jurre 495 in the long lines during the final show. Owner Jelmer Chardon will announce the new owner next week. In any case, the stallion will be placed at the Wim Casemier station.

The 14-year-old Stal Chardon stallion has an impressive track record, especially in the sport of harness. He won the Silverbowl four times. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 he won the Shees Fancy Horse Championship. The stallion, bred by the De Vries family from Hindeloopen, became the 2016 Horse of the Year. Last year, Eise 489 caused a stir at the Friesian Proms, at the Stallion Inspection and at KWPN with stable companion and five-time HK Jurre Champion 495 in the long lines. Last year they became champions in pairs and in tandem formation.

Remarkable appearance

Son Moritz 437 from Ster Preferente Performance’s parent Olof 315 comes from stock 15 and was approved in 2015 as a six-year-old. He earned his appointment to the Central Examination due to his accomplishments in the harness. Among others, he was a reserve champion at the Paavo Friso Cup in 2015. During the CO, he also achieved his highest score in harness with 85 points, but he also impressed under saddle with 84.5 points. With Marsja Dijkman, he competes in the Big Tour.

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Fun character

In 2020, his first crop of three-year-olds was shown. He made an excellent impression during ABFP inspections and exams. It is one of the most powerful progenitors of the trot trait. The offspring also stands out for its very gentle character. Through 2022 and 2022, approximately 850 marriages have been registered for Eise 489. He has five grandchildren who have been declared guardian and three have achieved AAA certification. Eise 489 successfully completed progeny testing in 2021 and has therefore been finally approved.

source: Friso

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