Ridley Scott responds to the brutal fiasco in 'The Last Duel'

Ridley Scott responds to the brutal fiasco in ‘The Last Duel’

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In October the historical drama film The last duel In cinemas all over the world though there are names like Matt DamonAnd Jodi ComerAnd Adam Driver employment Ben Affleck It became one of the biggest failures of the year.

With an 86 percent (7.30/10) on the Tomatometer scale and 81% (4/5) on an audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film Ridley Scott (the gladiatorAnd Kingdom of Heaven) very well with critics and audiences. However, the $100 million drama failed to surpass $10.6 million in the United States and $26.2 million worldwide.

“Very disappointing”

“It was very disappointing,” Scott said in a conversation with the New York Times about the outcome. “The most conflicting thing is if you thought you did it right, you didn’t. That’s what you thought with Blade Runner, but you didn’t!”

“I was crucified at the time by a well-known critic at the time named Pauline Kael. That’s why I never read reviews. You have to have your own opinion. If you’re worried about what the audience thinks and what they might want, this is a killer. A good movie will find itself, And now Blade Runner is in the Library of Congress.”

By comparison, Scott seems to say the poor return has something to do with the reviews. On average, however, the film does well with critics.

So perhaps the movie audience has changed in recent years with the arrival of Many superhero movies And other major franchises, historical dramas are attracting fewer people to the silver screen.

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Appears on December 1 The last duel on Disney + Star. A new Scott movie will be released in theaters soon, and it was well received Gucci House.

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